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From 2004-2012, as “Custom Copywriting”, we were one of the leading content writing and content strategy agencies in the U.S. We produced the highest quality blog posts, white papers, e-books, press releases, case studies and more for over 700 companies, in 7 countries, in every major industry in business today.

We were a major partner in the Hubspot ecosystem and supplied 50 Hubspot agency partners with content for their clients.

In 2013, we became Content Launch and rolled out our new content marketing platform in 2015. In 2022, we became what we are today, the Leading Content Platform for Thought Leaders around the globe.

John Weubben

Jon Wuebben

Founder & CEO

3 Time Published Author. International speaker. Marketing Futurist. 

Founder & CEO, Jon Wuebben, has been a thought leader in the content marketing industry for years and has written 3 marketing books, including 2017’s Future Marketing: Winning in the Prosumer Age.

As a leading voice in the marketing space, Jon knows the importance of creating industry leading content that connects with a wide group of people. And he knows, like so many other leaders in the industry, that AI tools like Chat GPT cannot deliver the content that thought leaders, innovators and other leading voices need. That content needs to be created by expert writers who know the space that the thought leader is in.

And so that is what we do for these important people…we support them in their efforts as they chart the future course of their industres.

The Thought Leadership Content Powerhouse

Content Launch was built to be high-powered, easy, affordable and to help thought leaders achieve success with their content. It’s that simple. There are other content platforms, but they are either too expensive, too cumbersome or don’t focus enough on what’s really important: easy content production/workflow and content performance. And with our intuitive workflow and elegant user interface, Content Launch will become your HUB for all your content work.


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