Imagine waking up in the morning, padding around in your jammies, propping up your feet – and earning money.  Not a bad scenario, right? Blog writing jobs allow you to do just that.

Whether you’re writing for your own blog, being paid as a guest blogger or you have a regular blogging gig, blog writing jobs can be a great way to some extra cash or even a full-time income. The only tools you need are a computer and reliable high-speed Internet access, as well as the ability to write clear, informative copy.

Writing Your Own Blog

There are two ways to make money writing your own blog: selling subscriptions and ad revenue. Some people do both. These strategies are known as monetizing your blog, essentially creating your own blog writing job.

Don’t expect to make thousands of dollars right off the bat. In fact, some experts advise you to avoid placing ads on your blog at first. However, once you’ve built a following, you can make real money from your blog. What’s real money? Blogging part-time, you can earn several hundred dollars per month. Some full time bloggers make six figures. A more realistic goal as a full-timer is approximately $40,000 US to $50,000 US per year, but only after you’ve established yourself and your blog.

The beauty of writing for your own blog is that you can write about anything you want. Are you a subject matter expert? If you have a legal background, analyze how legal cases in the news affect everyday life.  Are you a master carpenter? Write about carpentry projects your readers can recreate for themselves. Creating a unique niche for your blog allows you to attract more traffic, drive ad sales and generates paid subscriptions.

Guest Blogging

It’s true; many guest blogging gigs don’t pay any money, but some do. Payments ranging from $20 to $50 per blog post are common. Getting a guest blog post is often a competitive process. However, if you’ve established your own blog or you can present yourself as a subject matter expert, you’ll have an edge on the competition.

Guest blogging is more restrictive than writing your own blog. You have to write within the parameters set up by the blog owner. The general tone of your blog post must be compatible with that of the blog. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you bend and shape your writing to suit whatever blog you’re writing guest posts for. Rather, wise guest blogging requires doing your homework and approaching only those blogs which are compatible with your world view.

Regular Blogging Gigs

You can also make money by obtaining a regular paid blog writing job. Paid bloggers are contracted to make regular contributions to a particular blog; assignments often focus on a single subject area. For instance, if you have a medical background, you could land a blogging assignment on a blog advocating preventative health care. Some writers even blog about making money through blogging.

Specialized online publications such as Freelance Writing Jobs or Journalism Jobs regularly post paid blog listings.  Craigslist also lists paid blogging opportunities, although you’ll need to sift through a fair amount of junk to find the nuggets. You may also turn up a paid blogging job by writing directly to a company or publication.

Whatever outlets you choose to approach for regular paid blogging jobs, you’ll need to have published writing samples along with a targeted résumé.   Your published samples don’t have to be paid; they can be from your own blog or from guest blog posts. The editor or other hiring official just needs to see that you can write.

Writing for Dollars

Of course, there is nothing stopping you from pursuing multiple blog writing opportunities. Doing so not only allows you to earn more money, you can also enhance your credibility as a subject matter expert. However, you should guard against stretching yourself too thin, which could cause your writing to suffer.

Write for Content Launch

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This Content Launch blog post was contributed by Victoria Heckstall from Victoria is a freelance writer and online entrepreneur. Her articles appear on various online marketing publications.

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