There is a plethora of information about content marketing tactics out there, much of it good – methods of search engine optimization, social media strategies, and other content marketing tactics have helped many businesses meet their customers on new platforms.

Effective those these methods may be, sometimes it takes some thinking outside the box to reach your audience in the most effective way possible. When used prudently, unconventional content marketing tactics can provide powerful results for your campaign, working overtime to help increase lead generation and conversion.

Post Less

Conventional wisdom says to post often in order to stay in your audience’s minds and improve your SEO rankings. Although frequently writing blog posts and posting other content is beneficial in some situations, there’s a balance to be struck – audiences will often tune out if a business posts more content than they have the time or willingness to engage with.

Instead, consider posting less often, but only putting out content you’re 100% invested in. This keeps your readers eagerly waiting for more, while also ensuring that the content they receive meets their expectations. With this unconventional marketing tactic, you may end up getting more engagement with your content by toning down the frequency of posting.

Challenge Yourself

Businesses and CEOs who challenge themselves to support a cause or prove a method often find that the process generates a great deal of user interest. For example, Rob Shaich, founder and CEO of Panera Bread and president of Panera Bread Foundation, participated in a 7-day SNAP challenge as part of Hunger Action Month to bring awareness to the problem of hunger and food scarcity among food stamp recipients in the United States. Shaich wrote about his experience online, successfully drawing attention to the issue.

For charity or for business purposes, taking on a challenge as a form of content marketing can be a successful technique. The challenge should be thought-provoking, and possibly be a challenge that you’re inviting your audience to join in on. Once you’ve completed the challenge, you’ll have the opportunity to write content that focuses on what you learned and calls your audience to action.

Be Transparent

Transparency is the perfect way to break through consumer skepticism about business’s operations. McDonald’s Canada is a great example of using transparency in content marketing: in order to allay consumer conceptions about the quality of its food, McDonald’s Canada launched the Your Questions campaign. McDonald’s employees answered thousands of questions about subjects such as why the food looks different on the plate than in advertisements. The videos and responses received millions of views.

Write Guest Posts

Writing guest blog posts is relatively well-known as a content marketing tactic, but many businesses neglect this tactic in favor of content for their website, which has a much more easily measurable ROI.

Although guest blog posts won’t do much for your SEO efforts, they can do a great deal to develop thought leadership and drive traffic to your site from more high-traffic sites. For some companies, it can be feasible and beneficial to write guests posts nearly as often as posts for the company website. Many of the top content marketers and the top businesspeople frequently write for other websites and publications.

Write Longer Content

In a world where the average Internet user only spends a few seconds viewing a web page and skimming is par for the course, short, snappy content is one of the most visible and useful content marketing tactics. Because of this, you may be able to fill in a gap by producing longer, more in-depth content.

Other businesses in your industry may be posting plenty of the same short, snappy topics that are relevant to your own business. By balancing shorter content with content that is in-depth, well-sourced, balanced, and thoughtful, you can stand out from the pack as a source of the type of information your audience needs to make decisions.

Not every unconventional technique will work for every business, but chances are a few unconventional methods could benefit your business. Have you used any unconventional content marketing tactics in the past? How have they worked for you? Share in the comments.


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