DragonYour content marketing team is responsible for planning and creating great content, as well as getting it out there so that prospects and customers read and engage with the content. Great content marketing all goes back to the quality of the content marketing team, so building a content team that’s able to tackle it with skill is essential.

Outline Your Marketing Strategy

Before you start building a team, it’s important to outline the strategy you’ll use to approach content marketing. Your strategy will inform what you look for in a content team. Some things to consider include:

  • Whether you’ll run a blog
  • Whether you’ll do guest posting
  • How often you’ll give interviews and speak at conferences
  • Which social media sites you’ll be using
  • How much of a budget is available

Once you determine these factors, you’ll be better equipped to find the rest of your content marketing team.

Recruit a Content Managing Editor

The content team needs a head editor or manager who’s responsible for higher-level, strategic thinking. This person will be responsible for helping to develop a brand voice and style guide, guiding the company’s content marketing efforts, and identifying key content marketing opportunities. They may also be responsible for recruiting other members of the content team.

The managing editor will typically report to the head of marketing. The ideal managing editor will have plenty of editorial experience as well as experience managing projects. They should be familiar with content marketing and SEO. They’ll also be skilled at analysis and able to accurately measure the value of the content.

Find the Talent

Next, you’ll recruit writers and other talent needed for the content (such as web designers or video producers). Unless you have a freelancer you’re already in love with, the best way to find writers is usually to go to a content marketing website such as Content Launch, which can provide consistent quality and a more full suite of services.

Some features to look for in writers include:

  • Expertise in your field
  • Experience writing content
  • Quality content samples

Once you recruit writers and other individuals, the next step is to get them on board with what your company’s about and what you’re looking to achieve with your content marketing. Give your writers plenty of information about your company, such as your style guide, any currently published content, what the content will be used for, and the perspective your company takes on industry issues.

Look Within Your Company

When assembling a content marketing team, don’t forget to look within your own company for potential writers. Your employees may have many ideas and the ability to execute them well. When you use members of your company in content marketing, you will find employees becoming more invested in your content marketing efforts. In addition, these individuals can typically provide a depth of understanding that someone from outside the company doesn’t have.

Recruit Guest Posters

Guest posters can be very beneficial to your blog. Guest posters help your blog appear more credible by drawing on experts from without your company. Well-known guest posters can drive traffic to your blog, especially if they agree to promote your content using their own social media presence.

Approach others in your industry about whether they’re willing to guest post for your blog. Just as you should be thrilled to guest post for other industry websites throughout your content marketing campaigns, you’ll also find that many industry experts are willing to guest post for your own blog. You might also make a give-and-take arrangement, in which you both write guest posts for one another’s blogs.

Once you build a strong content team, you’ll be able to better connect with your prospects and customers.  Your audience will respond to the type of content that can only be created by numerous minds working together. A team of talented experts who work well together and understand your vision is invaluable in content marketing.

What do you think is most important when assembling a content marketing team? Share in the comments!



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