Content Launch for SMB

Content Launch for SMB’s

Smaller organizations have unique challenges with content. Who will write it? How do you pay for it? Our simple planning, creation and workflow tools make it easier. Need content? We’ll write it for you

Why Content Launch?

As a smaller company, you can seem much bigger with great content. And content is how you connect. Its how you build relationships. Our goal at Content Launch is to help you create incredibly great content – quickly and efficiently. And then to get that content out to the right places.

Get to Know Prospects with Better Content

Great content rises to the top. And most companies produce pretty boring content. Stand out. Engage your audience and build deep relationships with customers, whether you’re B2B or B2C.

The Best Content Writers on Earth

Easily order content right inside Content Launch, for any topic and any industry, quickly. Whether you need content ideas or are ready to order, utilize our team of content freelancers.

Manage Projects/People in One Place

Throw out all those logins for your CMS, project management & SEO tools. Easily set up tasks, message others, and see what everyone is doing, in real time, inside your content projects. Your team can collaborate with ease.

Increase Your Content Output

eBooks, blogs, emails, social updates…the content never ends! With Content Launch, you can scale content output to meet your objectives. And at the same time, improve content quality. The result? More 1st page rankings, site visits, leads and…sales.

Reduce the Stress of Day-to-Day Tasks

Content Launch utilizes AI, automation & templates to enable you to get more marketing done in your day. Content creation, editing, revisions, and publishing will never be the same again.

Grow Your Company

Go from an SMB to an Enterprise using the power of content marketing! We’ve worked with lots of smaller companies that are now large companies. One of the ways they all did it was with amazing content.

Benefits for SMB’s

You know you need to do content, but finding the time is hard. Whether you’re a startup, solopreneur or mid-size company, you’re now a publisher in the “Content Age”. Content Launch enables better, lower cost, quicker and more effective content. In the end, that content gains you more leads and ultimately, increases sales. Create content, Find vetted content writers on-demand, employ simple to use editorial tools and intuitive workflow processes all in one place.

Get Better Content

Finding a phenomenal freelance content writer is hard. Now you finally have access to the very best content writers on earth without having to pay a lot. Get more content and better content, right now.

Easily Track All Content At All Stages

The creative process is notoriously manual and laborious. No longer. Content Launch features and tools are designed to make the content process automated, easy and organized as possible.

Save Time & Money

This is the name of the game. Streamline your content planning, creation and workflow activities. Easily elevate productivity and scale your efforts. The result? A significant time and cost savings.

Use Us to Supplement Your Internal Team

Need content help? Easily scale your team by using Content Launch content writers to supplement as needed. And all content we produce is guaranteed…the only platform in the industry that offers that peace of mind.

Target Your Content

Create buyer personas and buying stages in your account to bring a targeted approach to your campaigns. Always stay ahead of upcoming deadlines with a dynamic editorial calendar.

Easily Generate Content Ideas

Discover the latest trending topics in your industry and what your audience is searching for to find your company. Then turn those ideas into content pieces. Or let our writers pitch content ideas to you – take your pick!

Designed for Ease of Use

Onboard easily with Content Launch. Not only was our platform designed for ease of use, but we will ensure you get up to speed quickly during onboarding. A dedicated customer success manager will help with your account setup.