In the past several years, online business has exploded. More and more people are flocking to the web for information on business topics from entrepreneurship to marketing, and yes, blogging. But, with so many blogs on the web and so much content available to readers, it has become more difficult for content writers to really make a splash in the crowded blogosphere. Creating a truly successful blog means finding ways to get your message across while also putting forth something that is aesthetically appealing and widely accessible.

Where at one time blogging was solely about getting your words and thoughts on a page, today aspects of marketing, web design, and competitive blog review have to come together to produce a successful post. That being said, content absolutely remains “king” when it comes to blogging. Of course, web design and marketing are essential, but content and craft are what it all really boils down to.

If you look to some of the most popular blogs and popular bloggers online today, they aren’t popular because of their appealing web design or their social media marketing—they’re popular because they are able to share something people want to read in a way that people want to read it. Take these blogging queues from the best.

Actually Care about Your Topic

The number one most important element of writing a strong blog post is actually caring about the things you are writing. If you have a genuine passion for the topic at hand, that passion and enthusiasm will show through your words. You can’t expect to engage your readers in your posts, if you yourself aren’t engaged by them. Find the things that really interest you and find a way to share that interest with your reader base. Sure, there are times that you can feign that passion and excitement about a topic. But, unquestionably, the best blog posts out there are those written by people who truly care about and believe in what they are saying.

Take the Time You Need

One thing that bloggers do all too often is rush through their content. It can be easy to think that more content means more business. But, this just isn’t the case. Blog writing is as much an art as fiction writing is. It takes time to create content worth publishing (though you wouldn’t necessarily believe that if you looked at many of the blogs online today). Taking your time with a post in many ways goes along with caring about the content in that post. If you are truly passionate about the post you’re writing, you’ll take the time to do it right. Editing and revision are crucial. Think about the structure and angle that best suits the topic. Take the time to research, write, edit, rewrite, and everything else along the way. Creating one magnificent post is going to get you further than creating dozens of mediocre posts.

Think Structure and Appearance

The appearance of your physical post is also very important. Now, this doesn’t mean the font, color, or design of your blog (though those are important elements). Post structure means the actual syntactical structure of your post including sentences, paragraphs, headings, etc.. You want to think about your web audience at all points. Create posts that are easy to read and enjoyable to follow along with. The web audience is one of the most attention-hindered and fickle groups there is. You need to find ways to attract them to your post and keep them there. This boils down to creating a post that is scanable. Readers online like to scan through posts before they read them. Use headers to catch their attention, break things up so that it looks less intimidating, and use bolding and bulleting to direct their attention. The shape and size of your post plays a huge role in how successful it is with your readers right off the bat.

Actually Listen to Your Readers

Finally, one of the most exciting and unique aspects of blogging is that bloggers are able to interact directly with their readers. Through comments and email, readers can discuss your post with you and peers. They can ask questions, tell you what they like, and expand on your discussion. This is a very useful and exciting aspect of blogging. The key to creating really strong content is to listen to your readers. Respond to their comments and take their feedback seriously. After all, you’re creating content for both yourself and for your audience—listen to what they have to say.

Blogging gives you an opportunity to write to an audience who is passionate about the same topics that you are passionate about. Think about what your readers what to read, what voice they respond to most, the style that interests them best, and all the things that you and they are looking for in a post.

By really creating an environment where your readers feel like they contribute to your work and are a vital aspect of your blog, you will create a community within your blog. Bloggers that are able to build a relationship with their subscribers are able to keep people coming back and expand their blog’s reach.

Samantha Gray is a freelance writer for She volunteers as a tutor for a literacy organization, driving her passion for all things education and learning. Questions and comments may be sent to


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