EvergreenEvergreen content, or content that remains relevant to users for a long period of time, should form a cornerstone of your content marketing efforts. This type of content can help you develop thought leadership, especially among readers just learning about your industry. Below, we’ll explore the basics of evergreen content, as well as where to look for some evergreen content ideas.

Evergreen Content 101 

Evergreen content is the zeitgeist of content marketing. Although all the content you produce should be useful at the time of publication, not all of it will age well. Evergreen content will be just as useful to a visitor eight months later as it was when published – some evergreen content may lasts for ever.

Evergreen content isn’t time dependent. For example, consider a home design company. While a piece of content entitled “Top Design Trends of Summer 2014” will be relevant for only a limited period of time, a piece entitled “The Pros & Cons of Granite Countertops” will remain relevant for a lengthy period of time, as the nature of granite countertops will not change.

On a typical blog post, the number of visits and the amount of engagement usually peaks on the date of publication and decreases to a trickle over the next several days. In contrast, you may see continued engagement with evergreen content long past the publication date.

What are the Benefits?

High-quality evergreen content should take a central place in your content marketing efforts, because the benefits are substantial. Great evergreen pieces can continue to generate interest, engagement, and traffic, which means that the content continues to work for you long after the initial publication date.

In addition, the nature of evergreen content makes it a great platform for developing thought leadership. If you can create excellent evergreen content, people will keep coming to your website to read that content and other pieces of content. It’s a great way to demonstrate your expertise and keep benefiting from that expertise as time goes on.

How Can Businesses Use Evergreen Content?

Content targeted towards people unfamiliar with your industry is ideal for evergreen content, because the information is likely to remain the same over time and beginners will always be looking for information on the subject. Guides, how-tos, and other sources of basic information are examples of evergreen content.

Evergreen content is a great opportunity to delve into the subject in more depth. Thoroughly covering a subject that your audience wants to know about will set you apart from the crowd and create thought leadership. In addition, Google is now highlighting articles over 2,000 words as “in-depth” articles, which can help your content stand out even more.

One of the most important things to consider when using your evergreen content is how to make sure that your content does indeed continue to work for you. For example, although many businesses create evergreen content, it’s often buried underneath news articles and other types of content. To avoid this issue, create a “Top Posts” or “Get Started” page that aggregates your evergreen content.

Developing Evergreen Content Ideas

Now that you know what evergreen content is and how it can be used, we’ll take a look at how to develop some evergreen content ideas for your business. When you decide to write evergreen content, be sure to hone in on a specific topic that you can address thoroughly.

Some evergreen content ideas include:

  • How-to posts and tutorials
  • Informational posts, such as “Complete Guides” and “Best Practices”
  • Top tips, such as “Top 10 Ways”
  • Lists of resources
  • Posts that explore the history or origin of a subject
  • Answers to frequently asked questions in your industry

The exact ideas you develop will depend on your industry, but an arsenal of high quality, in depth posts that address the above subjects will be an asset to your content marketing campaign. Once you develop your evergreen content, it will continue to work for you for months or years to come.

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