Knowing the difference between B2C and B2B copywriting is crucial when it comes to increasing your sales. Although the intention of each style of copywriting is to make sales, using the wrong method for the wrong audience can send your sales plummeting. Before writing copy or hiring a copywriter for your business, you need to know the differences and how to write effective copy for each market.

What is B2B Copywriting?

B2B copywriting, or Business-to-Business copywriting, sells a product or service to other businesses. Some different types of B2B include companies that sell mainframe computers, graphic design, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, software, billing systems, copywriting services, marketing consulting, etc.

B2B copywriting addresses the challenges businesses face and enhances their position in the marketplace. Effective B2B copywriting can:

  • Make a business more profitable
  • Improve the businesses’ reputation
  • Make the marketing process more cost efficient
  • Make the business more competitive

That’s a lot at stake. Get it right, and you’ll see your business skyrocket. Get it wrong, and you can lose sales to your competition, tarnish your brand’s image, and raise the cost of marketing.

What is B2C Copywriting?

B2C, or Business-to-Consumer copywriting, sells products directly to the customer. The types of products sold with B2C are usually discretionary items. These are products customers usually don’t “need” but “want”.

For example, a customer might shop for a new watch. He doesn’t need a $2,000 watch, but for whatever reason, he “wants” the $2,000 watch. The customer needs a new car, but she doesn’t “need” a $60,000 car. She wants it. Customers have emotional reasons for these purchases but justify them with logic.

B2B or B2C? Don’t Make This Mistake

Business owners make their biggest mistake when they aren’t clear about the direction of their marketing. Are they marketing to B2B or B2C? If your business sells to both markets, it’s possible to market to both, but with separate copywriting and marketing campaigns. You can’t market to both at the same time.

After committing to B2B or B2C, you must also know the buying decision process of your B2B and B2C customers. The importance of knowing your audience and their buying decision can’t be underestimated. Before copywriting or hiring a copywriter, you must know your audience, their needs, and their buying decision process.

How Does the B2B Buying Decision Process Differ from B2C?

Because B2B sells to other businesses, it is less emotional and marketing focuses on building business relationships and on a small, target market. The sales process is multi-step and sometimes has a long sales cycle, especially if the purchase price is high.

B2B customers make their buying decision based on reducing costs, increasing productivity and profitability. They need to be educated. They need knowledge to make a logical buying decision and want to know how your product can help them save time, money, and resources.

In light of this information, B2B copywriting should focus on educating and helping your customers make a rational buying decision. By knowing this, you can use B2B copywriting to educate your target audience and plan a long-range sales cycle. All the while, you are building a working relationship and brand recognition with your customers.

Sales in B2C, for the most part, are opposite of B2B. They are product driven, have a one-step sales process and a much larger target audience. Emotions, such as status and desire, play a bigger role in making sales in B2C copywriting.

B2C customers are interested in the benefits your product offers them and they make their buying decision based on emotions. Be sure you know what emotions your potential customers have that you need to meet. Also, concentrate on giving them the best price and quality service.

A Sure Way to Lose Sales

Want to lose as many sales as possible? Of course you don’t. So, before writing or hiring a B2B copywriter, have a clear picture of your customer, know exactly who you’re marketing to, and tailor your copywriting to their needs. By paying close attention to these details, B2B copywriting can be an asset to your business and give you the boost in sales your business needs.








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