Why Content Launch?

We started a content marketing agency in 2004 and wrote content for 1K companies for 13 years. We built the Content Launch platform to address the pain points our agency clients are experiencing. Your clients have many needs, we can help you meet those needs. 

Expand Your Agency

Ramp up content planning and creation & leverage our writing team. Expand your capabilities, build a new revenue stream and bring on more clients.

Grow Your Margins

Content Launch saves you time and money. Our suite of tools and integrations increases your output and enables you to reduce your costs while simultaneously take on new client work..

Bring Efficiencies to the Day-to-Day

Content Launch can be an extension of your internal agency team. Utilize project templates, team workflow and instant distribution so you can remain focused on your agencies strengths. 

Quality Content on Demand

Quickly find top content writing talent for any client project, B2B or B2C. Easily send content drafts to your clients in the application for their approval. Plus, Content Launch is the only platform that guarantees the content you order.

Easy Client Project Management

Manage all of your client’s content and campaigns in one place. Content Launch is fully multi-tenant, so you can set up client accounts inside your agency account. Set up users, alerts, permissions, publishing and more. 

Simple Client & Team Collaboration

Bring everyone together in one place for content project collaboration. Use client-specific dashboards to show current project status, progress and client approvals.