GearsA solid automated content marketing program can help you reach your audience more effectively while reducing your workload. Marketing automation can take care of some of the most complex and time-consuming aspects of content marketing, so that you can focus on creating and leveraging content marketing.

Rule 1: Capture Contact Information

Content marketing automation software can capture and organize any contact information you collect from site users, such as information entered into forms, information from sign-ups, and information provided during sales. This database will be sortable and allow you to target certain demographics or groups of customers.

Rule 2: Use Triggered Emails

You can use your content marketing automation program to set up triggered emails. These are emails that will be sent to your users based on information such as website usage, interactions at events, or upcoming birthdays or expiration dates. Triggered emails are highly effective because they contact users with information they’re likely to want when they’re ready to hear it.

Rule 3: Create a Lead Scoring System

Not every lead should be passed onto your sales team. Your marketing automation software can take the information you gather about site users, such as their role in their company, the pages they visited, and their demographics, to score them based on how likely they are to convert to a sale. This allows you to choose which leads to nurture, how to nurture them, and which leads to pass on to your sales team.

Lead scoring is one of the biggest advantages of marketing automation, because it allows you to let your content marketing do the work of nurturing leads, rather than letting your sales team follow up with large swaths of contacts who are unlikely to become customers.

Rule 4: Nurture Your Leads

Marketing automation can nurture your leads with carefully chosen content designed to reach them where they are in the sales funnel. For example, the software can send one piece of content to a customer who’s just signed up for a download from your website, one piece of content to a long-time customer, and another to a customer who expressed interest at one point but hasn’t made a move.

Nurturing your leads with content marketing allows you to reach your leads with information that they’ll use to make a decision. Like triggered emails, this function helps you reach the right leads with the right information at the right time.

Rule 5: Use Custom Landing Pages

Customers who come to landing pages from different parts of your content marketing campaign come at different parts of the sales funnel looking for different things. The landing page from a pay-per-click ad on Google should be different from the landing page a repeat site visitor sees when they decide to download a whitepaper. Without custom landing pages, the effectiveness of even the most sophisticated content marketing campaigns can decrease drastically.

Rule 6: Schedule Social Media Shares

If you operate accounts on several social media sites, it can quickly become a challenging task to share the same content on all of the sites. Many marketing automation tools will update all of your social media accounts with pre-scheduled content, ensuring that you share content when you’d like to no matter what other obligations you need to fulfill.

Rule 7: Continue After the Sale

While it’s important to nurture leads before they make a purchase, it’s also important to continue to pay attention to your customers once they’ve made a purchase once. After the sale, automated content marketing can continue to reach your customers with information they’re likely to be interested in based on their demographics and past purchases. This can help turn one-time customers into repeat customers.

Rule 8: Analyze Your Success

As your content automation software runs, it gathers a wealth of information about your content marketing efforts and your leads. This makes it easier than ever to analyze how your content marketing efforts are doing using up-to-date, comprehensive information. Many software programs have analysis tools built in.

How are you using automated content marketing? Do you think you will adopt it soon? Share in the comments!

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