Conversion_machineThe end goal of content marketing is converting the interest your content generates into actual sales. It’s important to optimize your content for conversion in order to get as much as possible out of your content. Below, we’ll look at 7 important ways to improve your website conversion.

Method 1: Be Focused

Too much fluff can distract your readers, drawing them away from the central goal of the content. Keep these issues in mind:

  • Overly verbose and technical language may bore readers
  • Links to too many other pages that are not optimized for conversion can distract readers
  • Stick to the topic at hand – don’t try to cover too many topics in a single piece of content
  • You should be absolutely clear in the goal of your article, whether it’s to get people talking, to get them to download another piece of content, or to make a sale

Method 2: Target Specific Audiences

One of the best ways to improve content conversion is to create content that’s targeted to different audiences at different points in the sales funnel. For example, a medical testing company might write a blog post discussing common challenges faced in diagnosing prostate cancer, which is targeted towards anyone who comes to the website. For doctors who have already expressed interest in the company and their products, they may offer downloads of whitepapers and ebooks with more technical information and content specifically about the company’s medical testing solutions.

In general, content should get more specifically targeted as customers move through the sales funnel, up until the time when you’re ready to pass their information on to the sales team. Targeting content in this manner ensures that clients get content they’re interested in when they’re ready for it.

Method 3: Cite Trustworthy Sources

Your audience won’t just take your word for your claims. It’s helpful to cite trustworthy sources in your content, which increases your credibility. Great sources include industry experts, academic studies, and people who are like your target audience. Whether you’re using direct quotes or just citing sources in your article, providing confirmation of your claims is essential.

Method 4: Make the Content Urgent

Conversion improves when you convince your audience that they need to act soon to get the best deal. Limited time offers, time-sensitive deals, seasonal content, and content related to current events all increase the urgency of your content.

Method 5: Use Emotion

Emotion is an important part of any content marketing campaign. Content that’s too technical and doesn’t draw on real-world examples will slip past without making an impact. In contrast, content that makes good use of emotion can get the audience invested and increase the chances of conversion.

Methods to include emotion in your content marketing include:

  • Using strong, evocative language
  • Incorporating anecdotes and personal experiences
  • Using images or music (in the case of videos) that evoke emotion
  • Take advantage of peer pressure, such as others in the reader’s circle “liking” certain things
  • Draw on the innate desire for self-improvement
  • Point out great opportunities that the reader could miss out on without your content, such as “Increase your sales revenue by 50%”

Method 6: Don’t Over-Promote

Although your content is aimed at getting conversions, readers don’t want to feel that they’re reading promotional material. If everything comes back to being a pitch, readers will quickly tune out. While you can mention your products and services, the focus should be on giving advice that’s not reliant on making a purchase.

Method 7: Carefully Choose Your Call to Action

The CTA helps you capture information to move the reader down the next stage of the sales funnel. The call to action should invite readers to sign up for a subscription, give their information to download more content, sign up for a limited time event, or schedule a consultation with the business. The CTA should be specifically tailored to the content of the article and the next action you’d like the reader to take.

What do you think of these methods to improve your website conversion? Share in the comments!


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