7-types-of-content-to-generate-new-traffic-to-your-websiteIf you’ve been in content marketing for any length of time, you know how frustrating writer’s block can be. You know you need to get some new, innovative material out there, but your brain just isn’t cooperating. The phenomenon is quite common when you consider the fact that content marketers and creative types are distributing an enormous amount of material every day, with one goal in mind: attracting interest and engaging their audience. Your content marketing platform is great for automating the more routine tasks, but it has limitations when you’re trying to generate new traffic to your website.

The next time you’re stuck in a content creation rut, check out these ideas to breathe some new life into your marketing strategy.

1. Get your followers involved with interactive content.

Buzzfeed and Thrillist have proven success, demonstrating that interactive content can send tons of traffic from social medial to your site. We’re talking personality quizzes, top 10 lists, polls and the like. You don’t need a new content development team to create this type of content with the online tools available. If you have a content marketing platform, this is where it will really start paying off; if you don’t, now’s the time to invest.

2. Images speak volumes.

Visual images like infographics, GIFs and memes drive an unbelievable amount of traffic, especially when you take research you’ve already conducted and turn it into imagery that speaks more than words. There are plenty of tools available online, so you don’t need to bring on a designer to create new visual content. With Piktochart and Canva, you can develop your own – all in a format that’s ready to share. Memes and GIFs are some of the most popular content types, since they’re among the most shared media.

3. Interview an industry pro.

On one occasion, it may be an expert; another situation may give you the opportunity to get an interview from an existing customer. In any event, it’s important to reach out to your prospects by presenting them with a perspective from an industry thought leader. Your existing customers can tell the world about their experience with your company and products, in a sincere and unbiased format. Industry influencers drive traffic because the topical material attracts others who want to know more from an expert.

4. Try a product review or comparison.

Pit a product in your industry against a competitor’s offerings to highlight a particular feature that will resonate among prospects who are considering their options. You’ll become an authority in your field by weighing the pros and cons of all features to create a comprehensive review. The value of your content to your prospects is what draws them in, so providing a list of what to look for when they’re evaluating their options will earn their trust.

5. Prepare a case study to show how you solve problems.

There’s no one better than your satisfied customers to convey how great you are, so consider creating a case study that talks about their experience. Start by identifying the objectives they sought to meet and then demonstrate how your product or services got them to achieve their goals. The bonus is that the connection is more personal in the sense that you actually worked with your customer’s team to solve a problem.

6. Produce a how-to video.

Your prospects love anything that gives them tips on being more efficient and solving problems. How-to videos do the trick for your target audience, but the best part is that they establish you as an expert in your industry and help build brand awareness. Evergreen content is the route you want to take when preparing instructional material, as it won’t need to be updated and will still be relevant for months after you publish the video.

7. Develop a list of tips or tricks.

Lists that include a number in the headline are very popular with your prospects, as the “top X” in some topic gives them an idea of the time they’re committing to reading your content. Much like how-to videos, numbered lists can be excellent resources for them and they’re more likely to share information they find valuable. Your content marketing software can help you figure out what topics you might want to cover.

Hopefully, these content types will get your creative engine running, so long as you keep two basic concepts in mind; aim for informative material and stuff people can’t wait to share. You can then add some variety with these seven ideas to keep your target audience on their toes and eager for more. Have any of these tricks worked for you when you’re suffering writer’s block? We’d love to hear from you.


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