Your ebook or white paper is of no use if no one ever sees it, downloads it and/or shares it. Here are a few ways you can get others to see it and take an interest in your content.

Blog for Leads

When you blog about your topic, you can do more than just let people know that you have an ebook or white paper available. You also have the opportunity to get more leads through your blog and to build an email list. Many marketers count their email list as their most important asset for gaining customers, and your blog is the ideal place to get more of them to sign up.

Create a Webinar

By giving some of your information in a webinar, you can interest people in the rest of what you have to say. Create an informative video that lets people find out more about what you know on the topic. Then, offer the white paper or ebook at the end as a more in-depth look at the information. This markets it to people who are already interested enough to see the webinar.

Engage in Effective Content Marketing

Creating a website full of content is a great way to bring in readers and let them see that you’re an expert on the topic. Give them access to regularly updated content that brings them in regularly, and they will keep coming back for more. Offering them more information in your ebook or white paper gives them another way to access this information and to find out more about the topic.

Use Paid Ads

Using PPC ads or fixed ads is an effective way to market your work. The ad systems that exist on sites like Facebook and Twitter bring in large numbers of readers, and they are highly targeted toward people who are already interested in the topic of your white paper or ebook. This type of marketing is also lower cost than many other forms of advertising.

Create Guest Posts

Guest posting on blogs that center on your topic add to your readership. And when you post links to your content at the end of your post, you bring in readers who have already read the post from you and see you as an expert on the topic. This also helps you to build backlinks to your content and help its search engine ranking.

Use Video Marketing

In addition to a webinar, creating a YouTube channel where you regularly post short videos about your topic is a useful way to build your audience. Your content can be linked to in the description area of each video. Many people use YouTube for informational videos, and building up your channel will add to your reputation as well as awareness of your content.

Get Reviews

Getting honest reviews of your white paper or ebook can help others to find out about it and to see that it is actively being read. You can do this by soliciting reviews from those who have downloaded it. You can also offer it to bloggers and ask for their reviews in order to build a strong selection of content reviews.

As your reputation grows, your brand grows. Use multiple marketing channels to create more awareness for what you have to offer, and you will see those downloads increase.

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