Whether you are a seasoned content writer or just getting started in the field, there are some cardinal rules…things you want to absolutley stay away from when writing.

So, when it comes to web writing, what should you avoid? Lets get right into it…

1. Being Unoriginal
No matter how brilliant you write, or how clever you really are, if you lack originality, be prepared to fail in writing content for the web. Be creative, be unique, write with passion, and make sure you do your research. There are too many writers in the world; you need something that sets you apart from every one of them. If you do indeed decide, that writing is your focus, make sure you come into this industry with a level of respect (and lots of game). More importantly, don’t forget to have fun. Because if this is what you love to do, then you should have no problem spending long hours, researching, and writing from the heart, doing something you truly enjoy.

2. Stealing Copyrighted Material
Much like step one, this too has an in depth focus on originality. Because if you do steal another persons work, this may ruin your writing career, or put you in dear trouble with the law. DO NOT DO IT. It’s not worth it. The person you may have stolen from may have spent long hours, and valuable time putting together that content. They deserve to keep their own writing under their own name.

3. Lacking Drive
Without drive, you have no motivation, and without motivation, you indeed have no love. So what is writing without love? Absolutely nothing. Take your time, be motivated and write about something that means something to you. If you lack drive, you may make up for it in different ways, but your writing may suffer. As mentioned in step one, make sure writing content on the web is something you truly love to do.

4.Not Managing your time
Make sure you create deadlines for yourself, this will help you finish your work, and still have time to get other things done, instead of procrastinating over and over again. Be prepared to stay home, and write, (or in your cubicle) to finish a story, because if you take writing seriously, time is everything. But that doesn’t necessarily mean give up your life. If there were five steps, my fifth would be to avoid becoming an obsessed writer who has lost his social life.

Consider this: How many writers start writing something and suddenly stop? They are original, and have the drive, but suddenly it all goes away. Why is that? It may be because there are too many days in between their writing, and after a while they lose motivation. You need to always be working on your story, and fit it in your schedule.

Good luck!

Dan Chaney is a blogger with and content writer who also contributes to this website which features hosting reviews. 

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