Are you struggling to write quality content? Well, there are several ways to write a perfect blog post that can gain more viewers and more action; so you can stake your claim in the online marketing world.

You may have the capacity to write an entire article on a niche on which you are quite passionate. But does it have that “special something” that makes it go viral?

Having a set of content writing guidelines at your disposal will help you get there…

Ten Tips to Write a Killer Article for Content Marketing

Let’s start with the basic structure of writing a good article with content marketing in mind. Once you are able to crack the pattern, you will find it easy to replicate each time.

  1. ORIGINAL CONTENT– Write original content every time. Do not copy and paste from other sources. Remember ‘content is king and originality is the queen.’ Just focus on bringing something different to the party.

  2. QUALITY MATTERS– You are not writing for search engines first. SEO is no doubt important, but your main concern should be readers. They care about quality content. A marketing term that is often used is WIIFM, which means What’s In It For Me. This is what readers ask for when they come to your website, as they want to draw something out of it.

  3. IT SHOULD BE FOR THE READERS- Don’t write for the sake of writing. Don’t waste people’s time by writing dribble. Whether you’re doing Guest Posts, Interviews, Reviews, Sharing other posts, Surveys or Re-capping posts, it should all be good.

  4. HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY– Try to remain honest; if you are unaware of the topic, and then do not make it up. Don’t try to be someone you are not.

  5. EASILY SCANABLE POSTS– Make sure that your posts can easily be scanned. Readers must have the access to get through the main points in your article at one go. Use of BOLD, Italics, CAPS, underline and white space is must.

  6. MAINTAIN TONE AND STYLE– Do some research on successful blogs that falls within your niche and try to identify the tone and style they use. Identify what your style if and stick to it.

  7. PROOFREAD– Be careful about your grammar and spelling, remember to proofread your posts. It should sound perfect to the reader’s ear.

  8. MAKE IT SIMPLE– Length of content can vary, some can be short whereas others are longer, but the main point is to keep the article content simple.

  9. LINK YOUR STORY– Do link out to other posts and articles to strengthen your point, as linking out gives credibility to your story.

  10. HAVE FUN– Have fun; don’t let your articles become a burden. You need to enjoy it; if you don’t then your readers won’t either.

Good luck!

Author’s Bio: Ronald Johnson is an outreach expert and is closely associated with inbound call center services. He works with acclaimed contact centers that are popular for their prompt answering services to appease both client and customer with quality outsourcing.

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