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Why do so many agencies and smaller companies choose Content Launch?

Because we are the first to do 3 things simultaneously: we made it easy, we made it affordable & we offer all the tools of the more expensive content platforms.

Evaluating content marketing software can be challenging, there are lots of tools out there. Getting a one-on-one demo with our team is the best way to quickly determine if we’re a good fit.

We’ll want to know how you’re currently managing your content process and what you are looking for in a content marketing tool.

During the demo, you’ll learn how our content marketing platform helps you with:

  • All areas: content planning, creation, distribution and measurement
  • Content Scoring: the easiest content performance tool in the industry.
  • Finding high quality, affordable content writers and journalists
  • Reducing the cost of your content operation
  • Aggregation of best in class tools: content topic generator, content curation, influencer search & writing marketplace
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